2017 AIA / SCS Call for Papers: “Digital Classics and the Changing Profession”

The growth of the digital humanities is increasingly affecting the professional life of classicists. Job ads have begun to ask for digital humanities experience. Job seekers who have digital skills face an expanded employment landscape, including not only to academic teaching positions, but also post-docs on funded research projects, work at NGOs, and jobs at private technology firms. Graduate students and graduate programs must decide what sort of digital training is necessary for a career. Tenure and promotion evaluators face the challenge of accounting for digital scholarship. Abstracts are invited for presentations addressing how digital methods are changing the shape of the profession in these and other ways, and how students and faculty can respond.

Anonymous abstracts of no more than 400 words should be sent to digitalclassicsassociation@gmail.com, with identifying information in the email.

 Abstracts will be refereed anonymously in accordance with SCS regulations. Submitters should confirm in their emails that they are SCS members in good standing. Abstracts should follow the formatting guidelines of the instructions for individual abstracts on the SCS website. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is March 9, 2016.

Note: All past DCA sessions have been joint colloquia of the Society for Classical Studies and the Archaeological Institute of America. This panel has been initially approved by SCS, with the application for a joint AIA colloquium pending. AIA members are encouraged to submit, though there is no guarantee at this point that the panel will be approved by AIA.

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