Perseids Treebanking Workshop prior to January 2017 SCS Meeting

Perseids will be offering a free treebanking workshop just prior to the SCS conference, led by Marie-Claire Beaulieu and Bob and Vanessa Gorman. The workshop will be held January 4-5th, 2017, 9a.m. – 5p.m. at the The Westin Harbour Castle, 1 Harbour Square in Toronto.

It will include hands-on seminars on how to use the tools available via Perseids, in particular the Alpheios Translation Alignment editor and the Arethusa Treebank editor. Treebanking (morpho-syntactic diagramming) allows a user to identify all the dependency relationships in a sentence as well as the morphology of each word. Translation alignments allow a user to identify corresponding words between an original text and its translation. With both methods, the resulting data is automatically compiled in an xml file which can be further queried for research.

Register here and find preparatory training videos here.


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