“Digital Resources for Education and Outreach” Panel at January 2016 AIA / SCS

The DCA panel “Digital Resources for Education and Outreach” will take place at the AIA / SCS meetings in San Francisco at the Union Square Hilton on Friday, January 8, from 8-11:30 a.m. The presentations are:

  1. Lain Wilson and Jonathan Shea, Dumbarton Oaks
    Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Seals Online Catalogue (20 mins.)

  2. Kristina Chew, Rutgers University Online
    Using Online Tools to Teach Classics in a Small or Non-Existent Classics Program (20 mins.)

  3. J. Bert Lott, Vassar College
    Collaborative Annotation and Latin Pedagogy (20 mins.)

  4. Gwynaeth McIntyre, University of Otago, Melissa Funke, University of British Columbia, and Chelsea Gardner, University of British Columbia
    From Stone to Screen to Classroom

  5. Robert Gorman, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
    Dependency Syntax Trees in the Latin 1 Classroom

Neil Coffee, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Response (10 mins.)

General Discussion (40 mins.)

See more at: https://classicalstudies.org/annual-meeting/2016/147/details-paper-sessions#sthash.tpCx8gwD.dpuf

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